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Parents – Life and Disability Insurance



We know we need to protect our family from the debt we all take on early in life.

We tend to take the easiest solution – knowing full well its not likely the best choice

We tend to take the easiest solution – knowing full well its not likely the best choicee.

We make the process painless and simple

Few of us have a proper will and estate plan, these things needs to line up with your insurance coverages!

We are financial planners, not an insurance sales person.

Apply now with no cost or obligation.
You won’t just get insurance, you’ll get a financial plan.

Pre-Retirees – Critical Illness Insurance



A serious illness can often be more of a risk to your retirement than stock market volatility

Critical illness coverage provides you with a tax-free lump-sum cheque to help you get back on your feet

You need conscious-free access to funds to get yourself better, medicine can often be extremely expensive

We will shop the coverages, costs and details for you

You need to understand the different coverages, costs and fine prints

We provide advice as financial planners, not sales pressures

Apply now with no cost or obligation, it’s quick and easy.
Like fire insurance, you can’t buy after a fire!

Seniors – Estate Planning Investing



GIC rates are at all-time lows

Invest in principle protected mutual funds (Segregated Funds)

You need some form investment return, but don’t want to risk your savings

Pass your savings to your beneficiaries directly and probate free

You want to pass your savings to your beneficiaries as estate and tax efficiently as possible

We are financial planners who will work with your accountant and lawyers to make your estate plan solid and efficient

Advice is a phone call away, is free and with no obligation.
Explore your options.