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Kari Gares — Your Okanagan Mortgage Broker


Kari Gares is a Platinum Award-Winning, Independent Mortgage Specialist, Entrepreneur and Co-Owner of MHC Mortgage House located in Vernon, BC. With more than 14 years of experience and training in the Financial Services Industry, Kari has built a strong reputation as an outstanding Mortgage Specialist, serving the lending needs of real estate professionals, builders and home-buyers throughout the province and around the world.

Kari has been described as “an overachiever”, “someone who sees opportunity where others might not”, and definitely as “the one you want in your corner”. Kari’s breadth of knowledge of the real estate industry, finance industry and mortgage lending enable her to customize a mortgage product that perfectly meets her clients’ needs and goals. In 2007 to present, Kari was recognized with the award of a Platinum Award-Winning Specialist and in 2010 was the recipient of the Guiding Principles Award for excellence in leadership, knowledge and sales.

Kari is an active sponsor of community events in both sports and arts-driven ventures. Her goal is to be successful in business and life in such a way that everyone benefits and grows. Kari’s dedicated and consistent ambition to creating solid investment strategies for her clients and the community has allowed her to be successful and create success for those in her life.

Colleen Clack — Innovative Entrepeneur


Colleen Clack is an entrepreneur of 19 years and has enjoyed and evolved from many real estate and business development projects.

From purchasing a bailiff sale business and turning it into a success, purchasing commercial residential/commercial rentals along with owning and managing vacation rentals. Colleen’s current adventure has been in the fitness world. This has been a large part of her life from a young age, now designing athleisure and casual wear at Envy Apparel. Recently she was nominated for innovator and business of the year. A woman of many traits, goals and what she sets her mind to becomes a successful reality.

Colleen took pride in renovating homes for families to purchase and enjoy, which led to meeting Kari Gares for each and every mortgage and making a great team. Being self employed Kari was always challenged with multiple mortgages on Colleen’s file, but consistently visioned results time after time.

Being a client of Kari’s for the past 12 years it feels overwhelming collecting and submitting documents for such a large purchase of a new home, build or business. Having the knowledge and experience is most rewarding to help future consumers see and have their dreams with simplifying the process.

ALEX is the new vision of the future for both the broker/client to simplify the application process for both. A new way to alleviate stress and make it an enjoyable experience. 


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Seeing is believing! Schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists at your convenience. We can learn about your requirements, answer questions, and review ways ALEX can help you and your organization.

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